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Vision and Mission of Sup de Co Dakar Group Dakar

The Group Supdeco Dakar is keeping pace with our society!

Supdeco’s Vision

The observation made over these recent years is that the economy is highly globalized resulting into the internationalization of trade. This has given rise to new economic, political, but also cultural paradigms which govern the world and need to be controlled to avoid being left stranded.

This change and this permanent adjustment will take place only when companies, public and private, are headed by high-level managers. This is what Sup de Co has long understood. Thus, based on a proven educational program, a high-quality faculty and openness to international markets, we meet the needs of our ever-changing business.

So, our group has gained a reputation and influence that have long gone beyond the borders of Senegal and brought in more than 25 nationalities.

Supdeco’s Mission

Sup de Co Dakar has notably built its success on its ability to offer diversified programs in perfect harmony with the expectations of the professional world. The goal that has led us since our creation is always the same: training high-level managers with proven expertise in all areas of management and ICT.

Our mission is to provide public and private institutions with African executives with a strategic vision and skilled enough to meet the challenges of a changing world.

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