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The Zlecaf in debate at Supdeco : an instrument to be promoted for the economic integration of Africa

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), an instrument to be known, taught and promoted wherever needed. This is at least the opinion of the Director General of the Senegalese Council of Shippers (Cosec), guest of the traditional meeting "Carrefour de la Logistique et des Transports" of the Pole School of Transport and Logistics of the Supdeco Dakar Group this Friday, June 25 on the theme : "Logistics at the heart of the Zlecaf for an integrated development of Africa". An opportunity seized by Mr. Mamadou Ndione to recall that Logistics must be the cornerstone on which Africa must rely for the success of the Zlecaf

« Logistics consists of bringing what is needed, where it is needed and when it is needed. It is with this old assertion, which sounds like a motto for logisticians, that the Director General of the Senegalese Shippers’ Council (Cosef) introduced his conference. Continuing, Mr. Ndione, an expert in the field, hammered home the point that "without adequate logistics, Africa will have difficulty catching up with the industrialised countries. The other observation made by the speaker was that Africa has long had difficulty trading with itself. Today, intra-African trade is estimated at 16% compared to 58% in Europe and 60% in Asia. And the transition from the OAU to the AU, which was supposed to correct this state of affairs, has not changed much to date.

Among the obstacles that obstruct the path of African economic integration, it was noted, among others, customs and monetary barriers, the weakness of the industrial fabric due to the non-processing of raw materials produced by African countries locally. Faced with all these challenges, Zlecaf is supposed to provide a practical and concrete response. To achieve this, Mr. Ndione recommends accelerating the transformation of raw materials to promote the effective industrialisation of the continent. In addition, legislation and agreements signed between African countries and other countries on other continents must be harmonised. Also, work to progressively remove customs barriers and dematerialise procedures. Faced with the infrastructure deficit in Africa, it is absolutely necessary to exploit and develop African maritime transport in favour of intra-African trade, but also to develop railway lines and river transport without forgetting to rehabilitate investments in road infrastructure. Finally, promote electronic money, solve insecurity in Africa and teach Zlecaf wherever necessary.

Finally, for the success of Zlecaf, the speaker invited Africans to have more confidence in Africa and by consuming African products. According to the Director General of Cosec, when Africans begin to promote products "made in Africa", we will have a powerful weapon for negotiation with our partners in other continents.

For her part, the Director of Strategic Development and Quality of the Supdeco Dakar Group, Mrs. Yasmine SY SARR, recalled, in her speech, that the Higher Institute of Transport (IST) of the Supdeco Dakar Group has been the first transport institute in West Africa for nearly 30 years. At Supdeco, explains Mrs. Yasmine SARR, Acting Academic Director, these types of conferences and activities are regularly organized to enable students to better understand certain current issues related to their fields of study or not. Regarding the theme of the conference, Mrs. SARR said that the challenge is to bring the students of Supdeco to know how the instrument that is the Zlecaf will transform African economies in a practical way.
For his part, the Director of the Pole School of Transport and Logistics Supdeco Dakar Group, Dr. Djiby Ly, the organizer of this conference, expressed his thanks before returning to the reasons that led to the choice of the current theme of the Zlecaf, based on the unavoidable issue of logistics in the process of African integration proclaimed by the leaders of the continent and reaffirmed in the Zlecaf

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