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The Supdeco Dakar Group records 80% of success in the BTS in transport & logistics, including 100% in Thiès

80% success rate in the BTS Transport & Logistics, including 100% in Thiès, with about fifteen mentions. This is the result that the Supdeco Dakar Group, the first training institute in transport and logistics in French-speaking Africa for 25 years, recorded at the end of its traditional exam closing the 2 years of courses and intense practical work. On this occasion, a sober ceremony of congratulations was organized this Wednesday, August 1, 2021 in the amphitheater of the building A of the Campus Point E of the Supdeco Group in honor of the future recipients, after that of Thies, last Saturday.

Having taken part in the ceremony, the officials of the IST and the administration of the Group have, unanimously, had messages of congratulations to the lucky recipients that they did not fail to urge to continue with the Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and why not the DBA. While it is obvious that this first degree is a real gateway to their professional careers with the many opportunities available to them at the national level and in the sub-region, it is not enough on its own.

To maximise their chances of entering a highly competitive job market, students are called upon to invest a great deal of time and effort and to rely on their personal commitment. In other words, it is up to them to find the additional resources and develop the personal reflexes that will make these diplomas useful to them. Among these reflexes to be developed, a strong mindset will make all the difference, said Dr. Djiby Ly, Director of the Higher Institute of Transport of the Supdeco Group. According to Mr. Ly, "the BTS is a very important diploma in the sense that it makes its holders eligible for many jobs in France, for example.

Before proceeding to the symbolic presentation of the sashes, the spokesman for the recipients, very enthusiastic, welcomed the admission of more than half of the candidates. Finally, he thanked the teaching staff and the members of the administration for their permanent presence and the quality of the supervision they received during their training.

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