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Supdeco launches the International Scientific School of Excellence (ESIEX) | A Senegalese scientific high school with international standards to train the scientific elite of tomorrow

A new season of innovations
The International Scientific School of Excellence (ESIEX) is a secondary school of Groupe Sup de Co Dakar where our students prepare in the best conditions their Senegalese scientific baccalaureates in the series S1 (Mathematics and Physical Sciences), S2 (Experimental Sciences) and S3 (Sciences and Techniques).

And beyond the Bac, we aim to give each student the essential skills to easily access the most prestigious universities and scientific schools in the world.
With our world-class facilities and an experienced teaching staff, we aim to develop in each of our students a mastery of the essential notions of the program, a good general scientific culture and a good knowledge of the opportunities in the technological world.

ADMISSION to 10th and 11th grade Series S1, S2 and S3

Terms and Conditions
• - Have good grades in Math, PC and SVT in the last three years.
• - Successfully pass the entrance tests
• - Send a complete school file within the deadline
• - Admissions are subject to availability.
From theory to scientific practice
In collaboration with the Lakanal de Sceaux High school (one of the best French high schools), ESIEX is setting up a laboratory with international standards to combine theory and practice. Several times a week, our students will be able to put into practice the theoretical knowledge they have learned in science.

Promoting STEMs and innovating
At ESIEX, we attach great importance to the promotion of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) among our students. Thus, we offer additional programs of scientific popularization, discovery, and innovation at all levels.
- Scientific Workshops ;
- Supervised Personal Work (TPE) on numerical and experimental themes ;
- Additional Scientific Themes (TSA) in Mathematics, PC and SVT.

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Po Bo 21354 Dakar
Telephone : (221) 33 859 95 95
Av Léopold Sédar SENGHOR
x Nicolas BAKHAZY Road of Thiès
Telephone : (221) 33 951 10 03

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