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Supdeco Dakar Group/Iowa University partnership : PGE and IST students certified in social entrepreneurship

As part of a dynamic partnership between the Supdeco Dakar Group and the University of IOWA (United States), students from the Grande Ecole Programme and the Higher Institute of Transport (Bachelor and Master) have just received their certificates at the end of a 12-week training course entitled "entrepreneurship, culture & social impact". The ceremony to award these certificates took place on Thursday 12 July 2021 at the Point E Campus.
In fact, divided into mixed teams, the auditors of this prestigious programme developed and presented projects with a high social and cultural impact for various geographical areas. Coming from different nationalities and cultures, the auditors had to work in a complex multicultural environment. With Covid-19, most of the work was done remotely via Zoom, mailing and WhatsApp.

After congratulating the lucky winners for having represented the Supdeco Group brilliantly in this competition, the Director of Strategic Development and Quality, Mrs. Yasmine SY SARR, went back over the genesis of this project while insisting on the entrepreneurial and intercultural aspects, two extremely important aspects taken into account in the training of students at Supdeco. It is in this respect that, as Academic Director, Mrs. SARR recalled what should be the vocation of all learning in our schools today : the acquisition of classical skills and the construction of the personality of learners through innovative projects and programmes of this nature.

As for the person in charge of the follow-up of this training, Mr. Papa Diallo, he indicated that the training was not a sinecure, as it was the first cohort for this training (pilot phase). After praising the seriousness of the laureates, Mr. Diallo, head of the Incubator of the Supdeco Dakar Group, urged the laureates to maintain the network they have just created through this training which brought together students of various nationalities including : American, Nigerian, Senegalese, Guinean, among others.
As for the beneficiaries of the training, they hail it as a unique and very rich experience in terms of human contacts, learning new knowledge and skills in social entrepreneurship, and practising the English language.

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