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Supdeco Campus Thiès : closing of the week of success in apotheosis

Carried by the Students’ Office (BDE) and supported by the administration of Supdeco Campus Thies, the cultural week called SUCCES (Week of Public Utility, Civic, Culture, Entrepreneurship and Sport) from 05 to 10 July 2021, ended in a climax. On the occasion of the closing of this week dedicated to activities combining academic excellence and student commitment, a gala dinner was organised to end the week in style.

From 05 to 10 July 2021, Supdeco Campus Thies experienced intense and diverse activities as part of the week called SUCCES (Week of Public Utility, Civic, Culture, Entrepreneurship and Sport), organized by the Students’ Office (BDE), in perfect harmony with the administration of the institution. The aim of the week was to mobilise all students around community impact activities such as (Debate, Setal, panels, talent show, community service, etc.).

In his introductory speech, the Director of Supdeco Campus Thies, Mr. Moustapha Djité, thanked the delegation coming from Dakar, and then the BDE through its various clubs for the very high quality of the services and performances accomplished during this week. A week during which, according to Mr. Djité, the students were able to combine academic performance and student commitment.

Returning to the philosophy of this important activity within the group, the Director of Supdeco Campus Thies said : "the week of success is not a compilation of activities. Behind this initiative, which has become a tradition at Supdeco with time, there is a whole philosophy. It is about giving an important place to civic-mindedness, to the promotion of the spirit of enterprise and to the sense of responsibility and the practice of sport".
On behalf of the Dakar delegation, the Director of the School of Engineering and Technology, Dr Falou Ndoye, recalled the importance that the Group’s General Management attaches to community life. "The associative life is one of the strong links on which the Supdeco Group has always relied to stand out. Better still, it is the associative life that allows the school’s graduates to make a difference in their respective professional environments. Therefore, Dr. Ndoye reiterated the availability of the General Management to always accompany and support the BDE," he concluded.

For his part, the president of the Students’ Bureau (BDE), Mr. Abdou Lam, gave a satisfactory assessment of the week in question. A success to which the BDE owes in part to the officials of Supdeco Thies whose availability and support have never failed. To the sponsor, Mrs. Yasmine Sy Sarr, Director of Strategic Development and Quality, the president of the BDE explained that the choice of her is not accidental. The objective is to present her as a perfect model to offer to students for her selflessness and leadership. With this, Mr. Lam praised the actions and orientations of the Interim Academic Director within the Group. A presentation of certificates to the students who have distinguished themselves the most in their respective clubs, was the final point of this prestigious gala dinner.

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