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Meilleures écoles de commerce au Sénégal : AFAQ ISO 9001, centre d'excellence UEMOA, CAMES, EFMD
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SupdeCo Dakar Group: What is it?

First Business School in Senegal. The Group Sup de Co Dakar has been training high-level managers in all business management and ICT since 1993.

Sup de Co, on the watch for the mutations of an economy perpetually changing, has managed over the years to develop into a radiant group comprising nine (09) high-quality higher education centers.

The Sup de Co objective since its creation is, 20 years later, still the same: "To train versatile managers with proven expertise in all areas of management and ICT and equip public and private institutions of Africa with executives having a strategic vision and equipped to meet the challenges of a world in constant change. »

The Group Sup de Co Dakar is:
A higher education institution with a 20 year training expertise accredited by the state; certified ISO 9001: 2008 and labeled Waemu Centre Of Excellence; its "Bachelor" and "Master" degrees are recognized by the CAMES(African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education). It offers more than one hundred training opportunities covering all areas of Management and ICT. Initial training, lifelong and sandwich education in compliance with the international standards. An exceptional integration rate in the professional world of its graduates. More than 350 experienced professors and senior executives involved in the training; The opportunity for the students to pursue studies in the best universities and business schools in Europe; last generation Educational tools; Students from more than 25 countries.

Sup de Co Dakar has built its reputation on the quality, rigor, and relevance of his teachings. Our programs are hinged upon our own history, but also on the experience and expertise of our partners.

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