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Recognitions and accreditations

  • Our diplomas are signed by the Ministry of Education

Since May 2, 1995, Sup de Co Dakar signed a framework agreement with the Ministry of Higher Education of Senegal whereby the Minister signs the Sup de Co Dakar diplomas.

  • The Group Sup de Co Dakar is recognized by the CAMES

The African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education, a related coordination body for Higher Education in the French-speaking countries of Africa and Madagascar, present in seventeen (17) countries and Its mission is to:

- Promote and encourage understanding and solidarity between Member States;
- Establish a permanent cultural and scientific cooperation between the Member States;
- Collect and disseminate all university or research documents: statistics, information on examinations, yearbooks, history, ranking, information on vacancies and job applications from all backgrounds;
- Prepare draft agreements between the States concerned in the fields of Higher Education Research and contribute to the implementation of these conventions;
Develop and promote consultation to coordinate higher education and research systems
- to harmonize programs and recruitment levels in the different institutions of higher education and research;
- to foster cooperation between the different institutions, and the exchange of information.

Many of our degrees are recognized by this body and co-signed by CCIAD (Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Dakar), which gives them a strong recognition in the professional world.

  • Our diplomas are co-signed by CCIAD

Our diplomas are also co-signed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Dakar (CCIAD). Which gives them a strong recognition of the professional world.

  • The Group Sup de Co Dakar certified ISO 9001: 2008 for all its activities
  • This certificate proves that Sup de Co Dakar meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001 v.2008, but especially the requirements of the Ministry of higher education in Senegal, WAEMU and CAMES.

This ISO 9001/.2008 approval is recognition of our unfailing commitment to the satisfaction of our customers and the constant will to improve the quality of our services.

  • The Group Sup de Co Dakar UEMOA Centre of Excellence

The statutory Council of Ministers of the West Africa Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) has awarded Sup de Co Dakar the label "Centre of Excellence".
This distinction was awarded after a thorough audit conducted by the WAEMU experts and entitled us to the PACER GRANT which is a support from WAEMU for the development of the elected regional centers of excellence.
This PACER GRANT aims to improve the supply of training and research in member countries to enhance the quality of training and research in educational institutions. This label gives our group an institutional recognition of states and international organizations, and positions Sup de Co as a major group among the leaders in the field of higher education in Africa. It also reaffirms the Inter-African nature of Sup de Co with students from over 25 nationalities.

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