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Internships, a progressive requirement, are included in the evaluation process of our students.Companies expect young graduates immediately and fully operational. Meeting the companies’ needs means learning in and through the company in a real and sustainable manner.

At Sup de Co, students must complete the compulsory internships whose duration can range from 1 to 2 months in the first year; 2 to 4 months in the second year; 3 to 6 months in3rd and 4th year.
In the last year, a 6 month pre-employment professional mission, from April to September is possible either for employment or internship.

Alternance: overwhelming support by students and businesses is given to this formula proposed by Sup de Co, with the professional Bachelor of MERCURE INSTITUT. A student can acquire in the 3rd year a unique long-lasting experience as a real employee.

Entrepreneurial Assistance: some students want to start their own business even before graduation. Sup de co offers these young entrepreneurs to integrate the business incubator, through which they can receive specific advice given by recognized professionals in the field of creation and management of companies.

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