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IT Challenge : students from the School of Engineering and Technology of the Supdeco Dakar Group put telemedicine to the test

The objective of this challenge is to prototype a remote ophthalmological consultation device using the Internet of Things or IoT. The launch ceremony of this challenge took place in the amphitheatre of building A of the Point E Campus.
The School of Engineering and Technology, in partnership with the company Inch Tech, launched this morning the Telemedicine and IoT Challenge. The aim is for students to work in teams for three weeks to prototype an IoT-based device for an ophthalmological consultation where the patient and the ophthalmologist are in separate locations.

Regarding the practical modalities of this challenge, informs Dr Fatou FAYE, teacher-researcher at the School of Engineering and Technology of the Supdeco Dakar Group, 6 teams of students, from all levels of education (from bachelor to master), have been formed. These teams come from the various courses of the school, notably in Networks, Systems and Security (RSS), Software Engineering, MIAGE, Electronic Banking, but also in Innovation, Management, Digital Technologies. The teams, which are self-formed, will have to work on the theme of telemedicine by proposing a prototype for a remote ophthalmological consultation.

The purpose of this competition," explains Dr Faye, "is to enable our students to familiarise themselves with the world of IoT and its use cases. It also allows us to better equip our students and prepare them, for those who are passionate about IoT, to continue on to a Master’s degree in this field. The School of Engineering Technology will open a Master’s course on IoT at the beginning of the next academic year. More generally, this challenge should open up real opportunities for students in companies operating in the IoT world.

For this first day, the launch of the challenge took place in the presence of Inch Tech who presented the challenge and provided assistance to the teams. The necessary equipment was provided to the teams. The second day, scheduled for Wednesday 23 June, will be devoted to the presentation of the first version of the prototype. The final presentation will take place on Wednesday 30 June at 9:00 am. This final presentation will take place in front of the jury of the challenge composed of members of Inch Tech and teachers-researchers of the school.

We will have to wait until Tuesday, July 8, 2021 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm to discover the lucky winners, during the prize-giving ceremony that will close the challenge

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