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Community life

Community life in a business school is the essential complement to a quality education.
At Sup de Co, fifteen students associations are working in areas as diverse as art, music, recreation, humanitarian, travel, and projects conducting studies for businesses. These are opportunities for the students to get closer and give a lively atmosphere to the school. These activities are all opportunities to unleash creativity, enjoy first professional experiences and gain a sense of responsibility.
Among the most important clubs we can count ...

The Students Office (BDE) organizes and coordinates the community life of the school (orientation week, gala evenings, African Day etc.), it also provides the interface between the students and the administration of the Sup de Co .
The JPCE: Junior Company is managed by the students themselves and conducts studies on behalf of companies.
Sup de co humanitarian promotes solidarity and friendship within the school through mobilizing activities and also conducts humanitarian activities for children and supports the underprivileged.

Sup de co Culture promotes African culture, but also corporate culture.
Sup de co Travel aims to help the students to discover Senegal and Africa through excursions.
English club: Promote the use of English among students and enhance their proficiency.

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