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#CareerCenter Recruitement testimony : Elhadji Abdou Diop is telling us his tracks...

My name is Elhadji Abdou Diop, holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management at the Grande Ecole Program of the Supdeco Dakar Group and outgoing President of the Student Office (BDE) Faidherbe Campus.
My history with the Career Center is a succession of chapters very rich in professional experience.

It has allowed me to embrace the professional environment.
- It began with an invitation to the Senelec 2019 open house, I was appointed head of the delegation representing SupDeCo. This participation enabled me to benefit from an incubation internship contract within the company. At the end of this internship, through the Career Center, I was again appointed delegate of the SupDeCo team participating in a seminar organized by the ECOBANK Group on E-banking.

- Still in this same dynamic, the Career Center contacted me again with the collaboration of Mr. Franque TOGNINI, associate professor at SupDeCo, for a new internship opportunity as coordinator of a project between Auchan and Leroy Merlin.

- And finally, following a request from a new startup evolving in the catering field, I was contacted again to be part of the team leading the launch of the latter.

All in all, the Career Center allowed me to put my training into practice in order to accumulate all these beautiful and enriching experiences and also to extend my professional network.

I invite all those who, like me, are motivated and who wish to quickly integrate into the professional environment (find an internship or a job) to turn to the Career Center of the Supdeco Group.
The doors are wide open to all Supdeco students.

You want to have professional experience ; do like me !!!!

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