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#CareerCenter : Penda SOW Investment Analyst at the Sovereign Fund for Strategic Investments

My name is Penda SOW and I am currently a financial analyst at the Fonds Souverain d’Investissements Stratégiques du Sénégal (FONSIS S.A.).
I was admitted to the Supdeco Dakar business school where I stayed until I graduated with a Master of Science in Management, majoring in Finance in 2016. I have always wanted to join the Supdeco business school because it is recognised, has a very good image and trains managers and leaders with integrity, versatility, hard work and talent.

I have received quality teaching in this prestigious school which has enabled me to join one of the largest public companies in Senegal, FONSIS S.À, which supports the Senegalese State in the execution of its projects relating to PES and aiming at the emergence of the country but also called to manage funds for present and future generations.

Through a recruitment competition for high potential trainees organised by FONSIS in 2018, the Supdeco school proposed my CV to the institution and accompanied me in the preparation of the test. Having passed all the stages of the competition, I was recruited as an intern for one (1) year before being recruited as a financial analyst by the Sovereign Fund since March 2019.
The training I received at the Business School also awakened my entrepreneurial spirit. I’m used to saying : "being trained at Supdeco means having every chance to join the most prestigious companies, to be a great entrepreneur and to be a person of integrity who is able to communicate with complete transparency". I would never be able to finish without expressing my deepest thanks to the school’s faculty and management who have largely made me what I have become".

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