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Professional integration

"Over 90% of our graduates find their first jobs at the end of their studies"

The professionalization of the students is a key concern in the training at Sup de Co. This is built as training unfolds with, especially, coaching sessions for a better understanding of oneself (personal record), the choice of carefully selected courses, mastering the tools and analysis of information on sectors and growth occupations.

Also to ensure rapid integration and enables the students to be immediately operational, Sup de Co Group has increased partnerships with the most successful companies. This "professionalizing" orientation, also embodied in the numerous training periods, is a key factor of the close relationship between companies and graduates. Professionalization is also emphasized with the integration of, by the side of the permanent professors, executives and business leaders in the teaching profession. The professionalization of the program can finally take the form of a real alternating courses School / Company including the Professional Bachelor (Mercury Institute).

Support from the School : internship offers sent by companies available on the site "Internship - Employment" but also on billboards. CV displayed on the site by each student, searchable by companies. Personalized advice and assistance for research training in collaboration with the Corporate Relations Department. Validation of the quality of internships

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