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05.The Documentation and Information Centre (CDI)

In addition to a high-level faculty Teachers, Sup De Co provides students with efficient teaching tools including the CDI and Data Centers.

Real space for knowledge, CDI includes several works from collections covering the areas of Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Economics, Business law, Taxation, Transportation, Logistics...

More than 2000 open access books: the CDI offers a constantly updated collection of some 2,000 books. 90% of these books are in French. In addition to the general fund, users can also view novels and essays, encyclopedias, dictionaries.... The books are chosen based on our acquisition policy. Users of CDI may also propose the purchase of a book.

More than 20 periodicals: CDI offers about 20 titles in the Senegalese and foreign economic and general press. Reviews are exposed at the stand opposite the entrance of the CDI. The newspapers of the day are still on the reading table.
Over 1000 papers and reports: Students are, during their studies, subject to internships after which they are required to file each year a report. In addition, at the end of their training, students defend s a memory a copy of which is deposited at the CDI.

In addition, SupdeCo Group has joined the ScholarVox platform to provide its customers and employees with permanent access to knowledge through the best books published in the world. Indeed, ScholarVox is the first European platform for digital resources fully dedicated to management and economics in favour of a strong community of tens of thousands of students, teachers and managers in France and abroad.

ScholarVox gives especially on-line access to full-text collection of about 14,000 books in French and English sourced from the largest international publishing houses (Dalloz, Dunod, Maxima, Gualino, Discovery, Bloomberg Press, John Wiley & Sons, McGraw-Hill etc ...).
The digital library is available at:

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