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03.International students

The Sup de Co Group annually hosts more than a hundred international students. More than 30 nationalities are represented, which give the Group as well as all its training centers a rich cultural diversity.

Everything is done to give Sup de Co a status of a hub open to students of all backgrounds and cultures, where everyone speaks in the highest respect of the other.
SO, Sup de Co Group in order to facilitate their administrative research and housing reservations ... has set up a tutoring cell.

A Group of students sponsor their fellow newcomers and help them start the new life that awaits them. In the same vein, an induction day is organized which is an opportunity for the students to meet and know one another.

Sup de Co staff does not remain outdone and is responsible for facilitating for the best the integration of international students. They provides them with all necessary assistance for a smooth running of their stay within the institution, either for the preparation of their curriculum, the reception of students on arrival, advice for administrative procedures, or supervising the students throughout their stay.

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