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The End of Studies Dissertation and Public defense

The graduation thesis and public defense is the crowning achievement of five years of theoretical and practical training.

The dissertation to be defended is a central issue for the future senior executives as it initiates to research methodology. It assesses five years of hard work while allowing students to:
- discover relevant variables
- develop hypotheses and design a problematic
- build profiles or types scenarios and constitute a corpus
- learn to position without neglecting the rules of presentation and defense.

The End of Studies dissertation is also a personal development process that allows our students to be successful in their professional activities setting the right questions and finding the right answers ...

The dissertation defense is a ritual any student wishing to obtain the Master of Science in Management is bound to confronting openly a panel of high-level, to prove his analytical mind, emotional control capacity and ability to conduct out a research project.

SupdeCo group opted for the principle of public defense for reasons of transparency, and to show the public the real result of his teaching. This desire for transparency is particularly confirmed by the independent nature of the jury.

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