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Supdeco Technology Certifications

Sup de Co technology also offers the following certifications :

Cisco : Cisco CCNA Training is now the most popular networking certification in the industry. Obtaining this certification is an asset that will allow you to boost your career and meet the demands of your customers. More specifically, the CCNA certification indicates special networking skills and expertise. It reveals extremely valuable for small businesses whose networks have fewer than 100 nodes.

Oracle : With Oracle certification, become a certified professional and demonstrate your understanding of the full range of skills required by Oracle professionals. This certification is in demand in the market today. The level of demand continues to increase with each new installation of Oracle technologies.

Microsoft : Microsoft certifications are recognized as essential skills in the world of Enterprise. Most certified persons notice that the MCP certification allows them to demonstrate their expertise and advance their careers.

Java : Java is a portable language with easily deployable programs, powerful security mechanisms, and different contexts of use.

UML : UML (Unified Modeling Language, translate "unified modeling language object") was born from the merger of three methods that have most influenced object modeling in the mid 90: OMT, Booch and OOSE. From "the ground" and the result of a work of recognized experts, UML is the result of a broad consensus. Numerous renowned industry players have adopted UML and participate in its development. In the space of a few short years, UML has become an inevitable key standard.

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