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Signing of a partnership agreement between Supdeco Dakar and Free Sénégal

It was on Thursday, December 12, 2019 that the Supdeco Dakar Group and Free Mobile had to sign a partnership agreement in the premises of the campus point E of the Supdeco Dakar Group.

The two institutions already had a partnership that was already following its course and focused on training for executive managers through the prestigious EXECUTIVE MBA program offered by the Supdeco Group and which had to give full satisfaction to the auditors of the company that used to answer under the name of TIGO and now answers under the name of FREE. Indeed, the signing of this agreement extends and further consolidates a partnership that already existed and which has been a great experience for both institutions.

Mr Mamadou MBENGUE, FREE’s Chief Executive Officer in his remarks stressed in passing that FREE wants to be innovative, audacious and ambitious and does not intend to stop there, as its objective is to positively shake up the sphere of mobile telephony in order to guarantee total customer satisfaction.

FREE is open to students wishing to have an internship or make a career in the company as long as the interested party is able to bring good innovative ideas for the smooth running of the company’s activities, it is a taker.

As for the CEO of the Supdeco Dakar Group, Mr. Aboubacar Sédikhe SY, he invited the students to be humble and not too pretentious in terms of salary insofar as in a company, he said, one must first climb the ladder before reaching a certain salary level or a certain professional position.
Mr MBENGUE greeted the words of the CEO of Supdeco and said he was in tune with the partner company : "it is a great school that is establishing a partnership with a large structure that shares the same values, the same ambitions and the same objectives.

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