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[PAROLE DE DIPLÔMÉ] Fatimata graduated from the Msc Marketing and Communication - Grande École Program

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself ?

My name is fatimata keneme. I think I’m quite simple and cheerful, with a little bit of madness certainly. My only passion was studying, I was just doing my best to be among the best. What is in itself a good quality, but can deprive us of these few little things in life that are so enjoyable.So my passion for communication, oriented me towards mcing lol to have some fun, in addition to debates on topics related to politics and social dynamics.

Your career at Supdeco + associative life.
At supdeco I moved from the 1st to the 5th year, between studies and associative life, where I was the most involved. To speak English better I first joined the English club where I discovered my passion as an actress, then I joined the Google student club to join the trend towards digital tools. Otherwise my most significant activities were those with the BDE, where I played many times as the communication manager in the campaign directorate, always among students defending the causes that were close to my heart.
On the academic level I followed a generalist Bachelor’s degree and then specialized in marketing and communication.

What are your ambitions ?
My short-term ambitions are to work in my field of specialization, particularly in the strategies and operationalization of brand management or corporate communication campaigns. In the long term I hope to try the adventure of other studies to get active in public policy or international relations.

Advice for the Group’s future graduates
Humility is the only word I will give to this young generation. Because there will be many falls, but always keep smiling and be generous in what you know. And try to keep an exemplary attitude wherever you go. You probably don’t know it... but your attitude will always catch up with you.

[PAROLE DE DIPLÔMÉ] Fatimata graduated from the Msc Marketing and (...)

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