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Message from the CEO

The experience of Sup De Co Dakar, day by day reinforces our first conviction that it is absolutely possible, here in Africa, to train top managers in businesses of all sizes and in all sectors.

The stakes are high because the new paradigms of development and economic growth certainly require a massive influx of foreign private capital in our country, but in my opinion, these cannot ignore a local and open-minded managerial know how", tuned with the best techniques of the time.

Thus, we permanently strive within the Group to cultivate this duality, apparently contradictory, which is characterized by a consideration of our socio-economic realities on one hand and, on the other by a permanent capture of the signals transmitted by the "elsewhere. »

In any event, the future belongs to those who can demonstrate intelligent and resolute ambition, unhurried but mostly sustained anticipation will. This is the path we have taken and which we invite our partners to join us (students, teachers, business leaders and so on.).
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Aboubacar Sédikhe SY CEO of Group Sup de Co Dakar

Message from the CEO

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