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Mercure Institute: What is it?

Thanks to an updated awareness of the needs of the professional world and a good knowledge of the job market, SupdeCo Group, through its Mercure Institute opened a series of professional programs to enable both companies to find the right resources and our graduates to fit quickly with teachings based on the balance between training and employment.

SupdeCo Mercure Institute is specialized in unpublished and short-term vocational courses, providing access to 70% of middle management positions offered on the labor market every year. Throughout his studies, the student of the Mercure Institute alternates between theoretical and practical training through internships made possible by our partners.

In 3rd year of A2E Professional Bachelor (Bachelor Alternation school-business) we encourage our students to much value their business skills while on internships.

Once this stage is reached, the current Masters Weekend await for capacity building that will make them develop into senior management positions within the company.

The Institute has also launched Mercury Bachelors and Weekend Masters dedicated to professionals. We urge you to discover the advantages of these programs.

Mercure Institute: What is it?

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