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13juiVisiting Professors : Dr Philippe Rebière, Doctor in Sciences Management at (...)

The GSCM had the great pleasure of receiving 24 to 30 May 2016, in the framework of the (...)

13jui6th Edition School - Company Forum in 2016 under the theme SMEs (...)

Faithful to its values of Competence, Integrity and Leadership, the Supdeco Dakar Group (...)

13juiStarting the MBA Tigo Chad Group supdeco

The phone company TIGO signed in 2015 a partnership agreement with the Graduate School of (...)

13juiSignificant partnership signed with the University of IOWA

The Supdeco Group has just signed an important partnership agreement with the prestigious (...)

13juiRunning for Peace : Theme of the 9th edition of supdeco Cross (...)

The Supdeco Dakar Group had the honor of celebrating the 9th edition of the Cross this (...)

13jui) Lecture series : Friday supdeco. Guest : Ms. Nafy Ngom Keita, President (...)

The Supdeco Dakar Group welcomed, as a distinguished guest, to the Chamber of Commerce Friday, (...)

13juiCelebration of the 21th edition of the supdeco Group African (...)

The Supdeco Dakar Group proudly celebrated the rich cultural diversity of Africa like every (...)

23maiAround twenty Students of our delocated Bachelor from ICN Business School (...)

As part of the international week of ICN Business School, our BBA and Bachelor students did a (...)

23maiOur students for a semestral exchange at Binzhou University share with us (...)

Our 4th year Students in Msc in International Management (Programm entirely in English) partner (...)

23maiConference Friday supdeco with Dr. Cheikh Tidiane Gadio

The Dakar Supdeco Group received as a guest at the Chamber of Commerce on Friday, January 22, (...)

23maiAs part of the strategic partnership between Supdeco Group and ICN (...)

As part of the strategic partnership between the two institutions, the Dakar Supdeco Group (...)

23maiModou Ndiaye conference with the theme "Development of the stock market (...)

As part of the educational activities of the Master in Finance Market, the Executive Academy of (...)

10maiPartnership signed with the Consignment Fund Deposits (CFD)

A partnership agreement was signed between Dakar Supdeco Group and the Consignment Fund (...)

10maiFriday supdeco Conference with Mr. Sidiki KABA

As part of the lecture series "The supdeco Fridays" was held Friday, January 29, 2016 at 16:00 (...)

10maiSup deco Friday conference with Mr Oumar Gueye, Minister of Fisheries and (...)

As part of its cycle "Sup de co Fridays of" the Dakar Sup de co Group was pleased to receive Mr (...)

6avrPhilia Geneva Scholarships Giving Ceremony

PHILIA SA is a renowned international company operating in the field of hydrocarbons, based in (...)

6avrConference of the WTO General Manager at Sup De Co

As part of its cycle of conferences "Supdeco Fridays " Supdeco Dakar Group was honored to (...)

6avrSignature of a partnership agreement with Enap Canada

After having signed with ESG UQAM, the University of Quebec at Trois Rivières (UQTR), renewed (...)

5avrRenewal ISO 9001 : 2008 for 3 years for supdeco Dakar Group

Supdeco Dakar Group has obtained the renewal of AFAQ ISO 9001 : 2008 certification for all its (...)

22octAlready practice your future profession by alternating between school and (...)

L’Institut Mercure, pôle spécialisé de la formation professionnelle du Groupe Supdeco, forme des (...)

22octGo to the prestigious Grande Ecole Programme Group SupdeCo Dakar! A (...)

Bachelor Sup de Co (reconnu par le CAMES) Bachelor ICN Business School (délocalisé) BBA ICN (...)

22octBecome a "Pro" in Sport Management Become a "Pro" in Sport Management

Le Groupe Supdeco Dakar vous offre l’opportunité exceptionnelle d’intégrer l’une des toutes (...)

22octGetting a French Bachelor in Dakar

ICN Business School Nancy, l’une des plus prestigieuses écoles de commerce de France, propose (...)

22octThe Group receives SupdeCo Dakar Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr, Minister of Tourism (...)

Le Groupe Supdeco Dakar a l’honneur de vous convier à la quatrième conférence du cycle des (...)

22octSigning of a partnership agreement Supdeco-SGBS

Une importante convention de partenariat a été signée entre le Groupe Supdeco Dakar et la Société (...)