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6avrMEDIANE (IMT Winter School) - Research professors from the Groupe Supdeco (...)

Within the framework of the Franco-Senegalese campus and the partnership with ITM (Institut (...)

6avrInternational Women’s Week

Women’s entrepreneurship is a vector of development for emerging countries. The Groupe Supdeco (...)

6avrInformation session on financial education for the benefit of our (...)

In the framework of the work of the National Committee for Monitoring and Implementation of the (...)

6avrVendredis de Supdeco - A conference co-facilitated by Mr. Amadou Ly, DG (...)

As part of its series of conferences " Les vendredis de Supdeco ", the Groupe Supdeco Dakar (...)

6avrAfrican Championships - Supdeco Karate Club always on top !

Congratulations to Mama Amina Dione, Maguette Mbaye and Saliou Diouf, three members of Supdeco (...)

6avrExchange semester in Paris ! Our students tell you their story

As part of their studies and our network of partners, our students : Madeleine Fall, Bineta (...)

9marThe 6th Class of the Master’s Degree in Oil Trading and Logistics - First (...)

A big thank you to all our partners, speakers and participants in the Amphitheatre at the start (...)


Applications for the autumn semester (Fall 2020) are open. Interested students are requested to (...)

9mar7 Excel Training Workshop (Computer Club) - a successful first (...)

The Supdeco Dakar Group’s Computer Club organized a training workshop on Excel this Saturday, (...)

9marThe "Mardi Gras Banquet" - A first at Supdeco !

The Group’s staff as well as the students met this Tuesday around a banquet to celebrate Mardi (...)

9mar4th edition Hiking - Supdeco Campus Thies

The 4th edition of the Supdeco Campus Thies Big Hiking Event was held on February 22, 2020 (...)

9marCompany visit - Our students in the premises of Cimenterie Dangonté de (...)

As part of the pedagogical activities, the students of the third year Bachelor of Financial (...)

9marSaint Louis Campus | The Entrepreneurship Conference

This Friday, February 14th, the BDE of the Saint-Louis campus started its first activity of the (...)

9marDiscover our special Valentine’s Day slideshow with our students.

9marThe seminar on "Audit and Security Control of S.I.A.’s". »

It is within the framework of its short training courses (seminars) that the Department of (...)

9marFriday of Supdeco with Mr. Aboubacar Sadikh Bèye, General Manager of the (...)

As part of its series of conferences " Les Vendredis de Supdeco ", the Supdeco Dakar Group had (...)

7févTeophane Maloumbi, alumni of Supdeco, Electronic Banking Consultant / on (...)

#SupdecoAlumni Discover the portrait of Teophane Maloumbi, Alumni of Supdeco, today Consultant (...)

7févSupdeco group was there

#Exhibitions Back in pictures on the participation of the Supdeco group in the French Study (...)

7févCorporate visit : Our AKILEE students

On Tuesday, January 21, 2020, Master 1 Grande École students were on the premises of the energy (...)

7févSupdeco honore ses champions

A Supdeco Award ceremony was held on Tuesday 28 January 2020 at the Point E campus, under the (...)

7févLaunching ceremony of the partnership between Les éditions des universités (...)

The Presses de l’Université du Québec (PUQ) and the Groupe École Supérieure de Commerce de Dakar (...)

7fév2020 Sponsorship and Clubs Day

Let’s relive in pictures this great day dedicated to the Alumni, where the 1st Year students (...)

7févMaster of Trading and Petroleum Logistics, 6th graduating class

The Institut Supérieur des Transports is pleased to invite you to the lecture hall of its (...)

9janCongratulations to Mr. Malèye Faye, the new Managing Director of the Bank (...)

# SupdecoAlumni 👏 Congratulations to Malèye Faye (2nd promotion), who was recently appointed (...)

9janAlumni Testimony : Souleymane BARRY, IT Manager at the Maritime Fisheries (...)

I answer on behalf of Souleymane BARRY, I am IT Manager at the Directorate of Maritime (...)

9janSup de Co Group & MDI Gambia : 10-day exchange program at Thies (...)

Within the framework of exchange twinning, the supdeco campus in Thiès organized for the second (...)

9janChristmas tree for the children of the Supdeco Dakar Group’s staff 30 (...)

On Monday, December 30, 2019, the Christmas tree for the staff children took place. On this (...)

9janSigning of a partnership agreement between Supdeco Dakar and Free (...)

It was on Thursday, December 12, 2019 that the Supdeco Dakar Group and Free Mobile had to sign (...)

9janA successful integration seminar !

On December 6, 7 and 8, the new recruits of the Supdeco group had the opportunity to attend (...)

9janMaster Registration : MBA AUDIT AND MANAGEMENT CONTROL | ESG (...)

DEVELOP YOUR PROFESSIONAL SKILLS ! If you want to master the fundamentals of finance and (...)

9janIntegrate one of our masters in computer science - Enrolment in (...)

Integrate one of the masters of the Supdeco Group’s Graduate School of Computer Science and (...)

12décCongratulations to Mr MANE, Professor at Supdeco

The General Management of the Supdeco Dakar group and all the staff congratulate Mr Malick (...)

12décStrengthening employability by developing soft skills - The (...)

Last Wednesday, the Group’s Mercure Institute, in collaboration with Effective Leadership (...)

12décParticipation of Supdeco Group in the Conference on the State of Education (...)

The 5th Annual Conference on the State of Education in Africa (SOE) is currently being held at (...)

12décPanel on ‘Entrepreneurship in Africa

The Supdeco Dakar Group co-organized with Amcham Senegal and the United States Embassy, an (...)

12décSeminar on Management and Leadership | The first photos

The Supdeco Dakar Group organized from 4 to 7 November 2019 in Djibouti, a very high quality (...)

12décSupdeco Friday with Dr Shazelina Zainul ABIDIN, Ambassador of Malaysia to (...)

As part of Supdeco’s Friday 29 November 2019 conference series, a major conference was held on (...)

12décBecome a Humanitarian Logistician

Do you apire to work in humanitarian aid organisations in supply chain functions ? The Supdeco (...)

12décYou wish to obtain an engineering degree....

Would you like to obtain a Transport Engineer diploma (Bac+5) ? Be part of the next promotion (...)

12décIntegrate an evening/weekend training course at Supdeco - Registrations (...)

Are you already an active professional, looking for a job, or a student and would like to (...)

4novImmersion Program in Ghana - Testimony of Maty Goumbala, a Bachelor’s (...)

« That stay in Ghana was by far the richest experience I have ever had. I have made new (...)

4novIt’s back to school - Bachelor Programme Grande École | Supdeco Dakar (...)

A back-to-school seminar is organized on this occasion and is planned, courses in French, (...)


The Groupe Sup de Co Dakar, through its Department of the Institut de Management Public (IMAP), (...)

4novBack-to-school seminar Bachelor of Innovation, Digital Technology (...)

It is the start of the new academic year for our Bachelor of Innovation, Digital Technology (...)

4nov[ new programs ] Alternating Bachelors | combine theory and work (...)

Are you interested in the Bachelor’s degree in work-study ? Discover our New Programs. (...)

4octDelivery of certificates to Majorel’s auditors

Congratulations to Majorel’s managers, who successfully completed the first English language (...)

4octA very important co-publishing agreement has just been signed between the (...)

Dakar, September 2019. –.Presses de l’Université du Québec (PUQ) and Groupe École Supérieure de (...)

4octInternational Open Day on 26 September 2019

The International Open House took place on Thursday 26 September 2019. The new graduates, (...)

4octBachelor (BAC + 3) in Commerce & Distribution

Discover our new quality program in Trade and Distribution ! After a BAC +2 (bachelor’s degree, (...)

4octDiploma of Business Manager in Renewable Energies

Develop the knowledge and skills you need to effectively build and accelerate your career in (...)

6sepMaster in Trading & Oil Logistics | Visit to the African Refining (...)

Throwback : the visit of the Auditors in Oil Trading and Logistics to the African Refining (...)

6sepOpen Day 2019

The open day took place on Wednesday, August 07, 2019. The new graduates, students and parents (...)

6sepseminar will be held on the International Development Evaluation Training (...)

Groupe Sup de Co, in partnership with the École Nationale d’ Administration du Québec (Canada) as (...)

6sepParallel admissions | Study at Sup de Co

Integrate the various Groupe Sup de Co programs in parallel admission. If you are in your (...)

6sepJoin our training courses in IT and technology - ESITEC

Do you have a strong interest in technology and are you ready to move forward in a constantly (...)

6sepTransport-logistics : join one of our courses | Groupe Sup de Co (...)

Are you looking for a career with the world’s leading airlines, shipping and transit companies (...)

6sepJoin a work-linked training course on management professions

The MERCURE Institute of Groupe Sup de Co Dakar offers you post-BAC training exclusively in (...)

6sepCome and meet our team !

Don’t wait any longer and come to meet our team who will answer all your questions about the (...)

5aoû[SUPDECO WorldTour] 🌏 Our students in Accra, Ghana for language (...)

Our students are currently in Accra, Ghana as part of the Language Immersion Program. This (...)

5aoûSigning of an agreement between the Supdeco Dakar Group and the Management (...)

We are pleased to welcome the delegation from the Management Development Institute in The (...)

5aoûSupdeco and Universiti Malaysia Kelantan have signed an important (...)

An important Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between the Supdeco Dakar and (...)

5aoûSupdeco Dakar - Djibouti Chamber of Commerce : Company executives trained (...)

Groupe Supdeco Dakar organized from June 30 to July 14, 2019 in Djibouti, a very high quality (...)

5aoûAcceptation letters distribution ceremony - Bachelor UQAM

The Bachelor students in Business Administration of ESG UQAM, received their acceptation (...)

5aoûJoining Excellence | Programme Grande Ecole – Groupe Supdeco (...)

Bachelors, students !!!!!! Join one of the best business schools in Africa. At Supdeco, we (...)


Are you a new BAC holder and want to study in Canada ? The University of Quebec at Montreal (...)

5aoûJoin the Bachelor of Innovation, Management and Digital Technologies of (...)

Join the Bachelor of Innovation, Management, Digital Technologies at the Institut Mines-Telecom (...)


Groupe Supdeco Dakar gives you the opportunity to continue your studies at this prestigious (...)

4juiSecond training session on : "DIGITALIZATION AND DATA - Data Management (...)

The Groupe Sup de Co Dakar, through its Seminars Department, is organizing a second training (...)

4jui[PAROLE DE DIPLÔMÉ] Fatimata graduated from the Msc Marketing and (...)

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself ? My name is fatimata keneme. I think I’m quite (...)

4jui[SUPDECO WorldTour] 🌏 Fatou Nar Sène (PGE, Bachelor 2) [SUPDECO WorldTour] (...)

Fatou Nar Sène (PGE, Bachelor 2) went to France for a semester at the ITM. His impressions on (...)

4juiFinal - Club Art Oratoire eloquence competition

La finale du Concours d’éloquence du Club Art Oratoire a été organisée le 28 juin 2019 au Campus (...)

4juiGreat success for the 3rd edition of the Week of Public Utility, Civism, (...)

« Great success for the 3rd edition of the Week of Public Utility, Civism, Culture, Education (...)

4jui[ DJIBOUTI ] - The HRM seminar has started

The seminar on "HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT" in partnership with the Training Centre of the (...)

4juiMaster Trading and Oil Logistics - Final course in Oil Contract Law + (...)

The Sup de co Group’s Oil Master Trading and Logistics Auditors met this weekend at CICAD for (...)

4juiSigning ceremony of the book "Entre hommes", Julien ANAKI talks to us (...)

On Thursday 27 June, the signing ceremony of JULIEN ANAKI’s book "Entre hommes", Journalist - (...)

4juiAnother distinction for the Group’s CEO

On Wednesday 26 August 2015, the Ousmane SEMBENE room in Magic Land hosted the first edition of (...)

4juiFranco-Senegalese Campus Day

Through its leadership in higher education, the Supdeco Group was co-opted into the steering (...)

4jui2019 Graduation Ceremony - 21st and 22nd Promotions

Bright and committed students. Inspiring sponsors and guests of honour. Parents overflowing (...)

4jui) Seminar on International Accounting Standards (IFRS) - NOUAKCHOTT

The Group of Sup de Co Dakar through its Seminars Department organizes a training session on : (...)

30avrOur students in Bachelor Business Administration and International (...)

International Week of the ICN Business School, students in the International BBA & (...)

30avrExchange Program - Students from ICN Business School at Supdeco

Good luck to our international students ! It was a pleasure to welcome for several students (...)

30avrVisiting Professor - Eric Dion, CD, MBA, PhD

Dr Eric Christian DION Contract Professor at IMAP CANADA With 29 years of professional (...)

30avrOur students took part in the International Day of Sport for Development (...)

International Day of Sport for Development and Peace is the annual celebration of the power of (...)

30avrThe best moments, Opening Day 2019

The English club of the Groupe Supdeco Dakar organized its traditional Opening Day in Gorée on (...)

30avrPRÉPA BAC À SUPDECO - Accroche toi et décroche ton Bac

Many thanks to all the high school students who participated in the revision course organized (...)

30avrBlood Donor Day by the Humanitarian Club

Khady, President of the Humanitarian Club of Campus Point E - Supdeco and her dynamic team, are (...)


-M1 and M2 International Trade went to visit DECATHLON http://www.supdeco.sn/Les-Masters-Commerce-In

15marLet’s take a look at the Academy Executive Conference on the issues of (...)

The Executive Academy, Continuing Education center at Groupe Supdeco Dakar, organized a (...)

15marUniversity Basketball Championship | CONGRATULATIONS to our Team for their (...)

Very good victory 33 to 27 of the Supdeco Dakar Basketball team for this first match in the (...)

15marSGBS | The Maison de la PME- The meeting with our project-carrying (...)

A big thank you to La Maison de la PME for having received our students project holders for (...)

15marThe panel on "the socio-economic impacts of transport on the development (...)

The Higher Institute of Transport Supdeco Group Dakar organized on Thursday, February 14, 2019 (...)

15marConference on : "CRYPTOJACKING AND THE ILO" cryptocurrency security.

The Graduate School of Computing and Technologies of the Supdeco Group Dakar organized on the (...)

15marThe great hiking Trip of Supdeco Campus de Thiès -

Supdeco - Campus de Thiès, pole of Supdeco Group relocated to Thiès organized the 3rd edition of (...)

15marSponsorship Day and Clubs 2019

The Students Office of the Supdeco Dakar Group organized a day of sponsorship for 1st year (...)

15marRegistrations continue for the Masters Executives

Are you a professional already active, looking for a job, or a student and want to continue to (...)

15marMaster in Software Engineering | Higher School of Computing and (...)

The Supdeco Group’s Master of Software Engineering trains software development experts, adapted (...)

15marRegister for the Master of Applied Computer Methods for Business (...)

The Applied Computer Methods Master in Business Management (MIAGE) is a Bac + 5 diploma (...)

15marOur 2018-2019 Program in Weekend and E-Leaning

The Supdeco Group offers you an original curriculum : the Program in Weekend and E-learning. (...)

15marRegistration to the Supdeco International Scientific Symposium

As part of the celebration of its 25th anniversary, the Supdeco Dakar Group is pleased to bring (...)

6févSport : Our students at the top

Two sports students participated in competitions this weekend : • In Karate, Mouhamed Diagne (...)

6févVisiting Professor : Guy DELOFFRE

The Supdeco Group is pleased to welcome Mr. Guy DELOFFRE, Director of the MSc International (...)

6fév2019 Memory defense of the MBA Audit and Management Control of ESG (...)

The traditional memory defenses of the prestigious MBA Audit and Management Control of ESG (...)

6févSupdeco Campus Thies | the first issue of the Art Oratory club with the (...)

The Oratory Art Club of Supdeco Campus Thies has been successful in winning an annual broadcast (...)

6févRelive in pictures the Conference on "CSR as a lever for development in (...)

The Management of the Mercure Institute of the Supdeco Dakar Group organized on Wednesday, (...)

6févBachelor Marketing and Business Development (Bac + 3) in Evening (...)

Target audience : Students who have validated a Bac +2. The Bachelor Marketing and Business (...)

6févJoin Supdeco Group’s School of Computer Science and Technology (...)

As the technological hub of the Dakar Business School, ESITEC trains proven experts in the ICT (...)

6févJoin the Master of Business Administration (EXECUTIVE MBA) - Registrations (...)

"Executive MBA" is a diploma training program (Bac +5) to acquire skills in Management and (...)

10janChristmas tree for the children of Supdeco Dakar Group staff (...)

On Thursday, December 22, 2018, Groupe Supdeco Dakar had the pleasure of welcoming the children (...)

10janLet’s take a look at the highlights of the Supdeco Dakar Executive Academy (...)

The Supdeco Dakar Group celebrated the rehearsal session of its Continuing Education Executive (...)

10janThe Signature of Partnership between Supdeco Dakar Group and Air Senegal (...)

Groupe Supdeco Dakar and Air Senegal signed a partnership agreement on Wednesday, December 12, (...)

10janFirst Year Integration Seminar at Lac Rose

The new students of Supdeco Group’s 2018/2019 academic year met on December 6, 2018 at Lac Rose (...)

10janMasters in Transport and Logistics | register now

You aspire to a career in the largest airlines, shipping and transit across Africa ? Make the (...)

10janPro Masters Weekend | Mercure Institute of Supdeco Group

In parallel with its full-time professional training, the Supdeco Group’s Mercure Institute (...)

10décProfessor Visitor - Dr Michel G Bédar

Groupe Supdeco is pleased to welcome Dr. Michel G Bédard, Professor in the Management and (...)

10décLive again in pictures the "Training and First Job" Fair - Discover our (...)

The Supdeco Group took part in the 3rd edition of the "Training and 1st Employment" fair (...)

10décLanguage School - Immersion Program in Ghana (Accra) (July-August (...)

Take advantage of an exceptional opportunity to improve your language skills ! The Language (...)

10décPartnership agreement - Supdeco Group and SGBS renew their partnership.

The Supdeco Dakar Group and Société Générale des Banques du Sénégal (SGBS) signed an important (...)

10décJoin the new Master in Specialized Translation of Groupe SUPDECO (...)

The Language Institute of the SUPDECO Dakar Group offers holders of a Bac + 3, Bac + 4 a (...)

10décJoin the new Master in International Relations and Diplomacy of the (...)

The Public Management Institute (IMAP) of the SUPDECO Dakar Group offers trainees with a bac + (...)

15novVISITOR PROFESSOR - Dr Insaf KHELLADI, assistant professor of marketing at (...)

Supdeco Group had the pleasure of welcoming Dr Insaf KHELLADI, assistant professor of marketing (...)


On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, the Supdeco Dakar group is pleased to announce the (...)

15novMr. Aboubacar Sedikhe SY elected President of the Private Sector (...)

The Group’s CEO, Mr. Aboubacar Sedikhe SY, was unanimously elected President of the Private (...)

15novAccess to the prestigious Grande Ecole Program of the Sup de Co Dakar (...)

Bachelors, students !!! Join one of the best Business Schools in Africa : The Supdeco Dakar (...)

15novEPITA DAKAR | Direct admission to the engineering cycle (Level BAC +2 / (...)

French School of Reference, ranked among the 7 most sought after courses by the largest Digital (...)


Are you a new Bachelor willing to study in Canada ? The University of Quebec in Montreal offers (...)

15novJoin evening or weekend classes at Supdeco - Registrations and Re-Entries (...)

Are you a professional already active, looking for a job, or a student willing to continue to (...)

13aoûMr. Naoufel Daghfous

Supdeco Group had the pleasure of welcoming Dr Naoufel Daghfous, Professor in the Department of (...)

13aoûMr. Benoit CHALIFOUX

Groupe Supdeco had the pleasure of welcoming Professor Benoit CHALIFOUX, Assistant to the Vice (...)

13aoûCeremony of presentation of the BACHELORS PGE ET ICN Certifications

Every learner enrolled in a vocational training specialty at Supdeco, having successfully (...)

13aoûTravel to The Gambia | a rich week of exchanges, discoveries, meetings (...)

Associative life in a business school is the essential complement to quality training. At (...)


Supdeco Seminars, pole of formation of the School of Commerce of Dakar Group, organized from 03 (...)

13aoû"Developing its" Soft Skills " : an essential in an interconnected (...)

The more the trades become technical and digital, the more transversal skills help to integrate (...)

13aoûCompany Visit : The Auditors of the Master Trading and Logistics of Oil at (...)

As part of their Master 2 in Petroleum Trading and Logistics, the Auditors carried out a (...)


Become a professional specialized in all trades of the public order thanks to the Master in (...)

13aoûMaster in Public Administration for Executives | Study North American (...)

The SUPDECO DAKAR Group through its Public Management Institute (IMAP) and the National School (...)

13aoûWhy join the Supdeco Dakar Group ?

The Supdeco Dakar Group, the Grande Ecole de Commerce has been engaged since its creation in (...)

11juiVisiting Professor : Dr Michel Séguin

The Supdeco Group is pleased to welcome Michel SÉGUIN, regular professor in the Organization and (...)

11juiAshley McMahon and Tia Whited - Internship Supdeco Group

Ashley McMahon and Tia Whited are students at the University of Iowa in the United States. They (...)

11juiSupdeco at the 13th Annual Conference of AABS (African Business Schools (...)

Supdeco Dakar, accredited by AABS and a full member of this prestigious organization, took part (...)

11juiThe Public Conference with Mr Marc PASQUET, University Professor, (...)

It was a great honour for us to have Mr. Marc PASQUET, University Professor, specialized in (...)

11juiGroupe Supdeco Dakar | Visit of the French Ambassador to Senegal to (...)

On Friday 25 May 2018, we had the honour of welcoming His Excellency Christophe BIGOT, (...)

11juiThird Edition of the Intersection of Management – Distribution in Senegal, (...)

The Senegalese Association of Managerial Sciences (ASSG) and the Groupe Supdeco Dakar organized (...)


THE BEST PREPARATION FOR PROFESSIONAL LIFE EPITA DAKAR offers its students advantages that (...)


Are you a new Bachelor’s student who would like to study in Canada ? The University of Quebec at (...)

18maiAlumni testimonial - Thierno amath Diallo - 2011-2016 Grande École (...)

" My career at the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce in Dakar lasted more or less five years and was (...)

18maiVisiting Professor : Nicolas Koczorowski

The Supdeco Group had the pleasure of welcoming Professor Nicolas Koczorowski, co-founder of (...)

18maiVisiting Professor : Pre JOANNE GREENE

Groupe Supdeco is pleased to welcome Professor Joanne GREENE, a teacher in the broad field of (...)

18maiStudy trip of BBA and Bachelor International students to ICN - (...)

As part of ICN International Week, BBA & Bachelor International students took a study tour (...)

18maiCompany School Forum 2018 | Let’s relive the highlights of the 8th (...)

True to its values of Competence, Integrity and Leadership, the Sup de Co Group has reissued (...)

18maiSupdeco Friday Guest : His Excellency Mr. George Hodgson, Ambassador of (...)

As part of its conference cycle "Fridays of Supdeco", the Group organized a major conference on (...)

18maiThe CEO of Supdeco Group crowned Lat Dior d’Or 2018

For the 8 th edition of the Gala of Excellence "Malaw d’Or", the jury of the National Union of (...)

6avrTestimonial Alumni : Moussa DIOP, currently Director of Human Resources at (...)

My name is Moussa DIOP, I am currently Director of Human Resources at PETROSEN. I joined (...)

6avrVisiting Professor : Francesc RELANO

The Supdeco Group is pleased to welcome back Dr. Francesc RELANO, Associate Professor at ICN (...)

6avrBack in pictures on the Day of Integration of the Auditors in the Master (...)

The day of integration, which was held on Thursday, March 08, 2018, was marked by numerous (...)

6avrPresidency of the Republic of Senegal | Our students were at the Digital (...)

His Excellency Mr. Macky SALL, President of the Republic of Senegal chaired on March 15, 2018, (...)

6avr2nd edition Grande Randonnée Supdeco - Campus de Thiès

Supdeco - Campus Thiès, Antenna Supdeco Group in Thiès organized on Saturday 03 March 2018, the (...)


All students of the Supdeco Group, as every year, mobilize to honor those female students who (...)


DEVELOP YOUR PROFESSIONAL SKILLS ! You want to master the fundamentals in finance and (...)

6avrLanguage Stay - Immersion Program in Ghana (Accra) (July-August (...)

Take advantage of an exceptional opportunity to improve your language skills ! The Language (...)

9marTestimonial Alumni : Miss Bator Ndiaye- In exchange at the University of (...)

Miss Ndiaye tells you about her university course at Évry. After obtaining my Bachelor in (...)

9marVisiting Professor : Guy DELOFFRE

The Supdeco Group had the pleasure of welcoming again to its premises Mr. Guy DELOFFRE, (...)

9marPhD Students Supdeco | Congratulations to the winners of the 2nd African (...)

The SupdeCo Dakar Group has the honor to announce the selection of the research projects of (...)

9marTestimony | Tess Perkins

Celia Brecht and Tess Perkins students at Iowa University (USA), a Supdeco Group Partner, were (...)

9marTchadja EGBADE, went to study at ENSICAEN thanks to the Supdeco- ENSICAEN (...)

Mr. Tchadja EGBADE, answered our questions What study are you doing in Caen ? I am auditor in (...)

9marSupdeco Campus Saint Louis | Company visit - Commercial prospection at (...)

Students of the Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Bachelor in Management, Campus (...)

9marSupdeco - Auchan partnership : the inaugural conference of the Bachelor in (...)

The Inaugural Conference of the Bachelor in Commerce and Distribution, the fruit of the (...)

9marRelive the ceremony of handover and launch of the activities of the (...)

The Campus Point E of the Sup de Co Dakar Group was the venue, this Friday, February 9, 2018, (...)

9marSignature of the partnership agreement between the Supdeco Dakar Group and (...)

On February 2, 2018, the Supdeco Dakar group signed a partnership agreement with French retail (...)


Enhance your initial training by developing business expertise and managerial skills. NEW • (...)


Do not wait any longer ! Live at the heart of the digital world by integrating the New Master (...)


I am Stanislas Beuleu, a student at Supdeco from 2006 to 2011 where I finished with a degree of (...)

9févVisiting Professor : Mrs. Anna GUEYE

Groupe Supdeco is pleased to welcome on its premises Monday, January 15 to Friday, January 26, (...)

9fév25th Anniversary Celebration of Supdeco Group | what to remember from the (...)

"Willingness is able to move mountains," said Mr. Aboubacar Sedikh SY, during the press (...)

9févSUPDECO-MBA TIGO : relive the inaugural conference of the CEO (...)

As part of the start of TIGO SENEGAL MBA courses, an inaugural conference chaired by Mr. (...)

9févSignature of two partnership agreements with Jian Qiao University in (...)

The Supdeco Dakar Group has signed two major partnership agreements with the prestigious (...)


As part of its expansion policy in Senegal and Africa, the AUCHAN group took the strategic (...)


"2 years in Dakar, 1 year in Montreal" (TWO RENOWNED INSTITUTIONS FOR A TRAINING OF EXCELLENCE (...)

10juiVisiting Professor : Dr. Claude Michel GAGNON, Teacher at the National (...)

In the framework of the Master’s program in Public Administration, the Supdeco Group is pleased (...)

7juiMiss Celia BRECHT and Tess PERKINS, students at the American University (...)

The Language Institute of the Supdeco Group receives a two-month internship, from May to July (...)

7juiAlumni : Bamba LO - Bachelor - Master of Business Administration Marketing (...)

It is with great pleasure that I extend my gratitude to all the administration and faculty of (...)

7juiICN Business School opens a MSC in logistics and international transport (...)

ICN Business School has been present in Senegal in Dakar for more than 10 years and is a (...)

7juiMaster’s Degrees of Grande Ecole Program of the Supdeco Group : from 04 to (...)

In the framework of the Public Defense of the Master’s thesis (21st Promotion), the Grande Ecole (...)

7juiRich presentation of AFIG Funds in Supdeco and company visit of our (...)

As part of the Supdeco Group’s educational activities, our students received a rich presentation (...)

7juiImmersion Program in Ghana 2017

The Language Institute of the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce : Supdeco offers an exceptional (...)

7juiParticipation of our student Djibril BADIANE in the Young African Leaders (...)

The Supdeco Group is honored to be represented for the third time by Djibril Badiane, student (...)

7juiDefense of thesis for the 09th promotion of Bachelor Business (...)

The traditional defense of theses the prestigious Bachelor International (BI) and Bachelor of (...)

13juiSupdeco Karate Club always higher !

The Supdeco Group was once again distinguished by the successful performances of its brave (...)

13juiSupdeco, a school open to Africa !

One of the largest universities in the Gambia visited Supdeco Group during the Easter (...)

13juiVisiting Professor : Mr. Pierre MONGIN

Supdeco Group is pleased to welcome again to its premises from Friday 01 to Thursday 08 June (...)

13juiAlumni : Mariéme Faye - Master in Business Law Promotion 2012 2013 - (...)

"It is with honor and joy that I express my gratitude and appreciation for the quality of (...)

13juiForum on albinism organized by Supdeco - Campus of Thiès

The humanitarian health and environment club of Supdeco - Campus of Thiès again surprised a lot (...)

13juiSeminar on Petroleum from May 15th to 18th with Daniel NDIAYE and Groupe (...)

As part of its Master in Oil Trading and Logistics, Groupe Supdeco Dakar and Groupe CRIOL have (...)

13juiAward ceremony of scholarships offered by Philia SA to Supdeco Group (...)

As part of its partnership with the Supdeco Group, Geneva-based Petroleum Trading Company (...)

13juiParticipation of Supdeco Group in the International Exhibition on Energy (...)

Supdeco Group Dakar participated in the International Exhibition on Energy and Oil in Africa (...)

13juiThe month of May was rich in events with the African Day and the Games of (...)

The Olympic Pool hosted the Supdeco family from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm on Tuesday, May 09, 2017 as (...)

9maiCross Supdeco 2017, 10th edition under the theme : " Surpassing oneself (...)

The Supdeco Group Dakar has the honor to celebrate the 10 th edition of the Cross this Saturday (...)

8maiOpening of applications for the EPITA competition, school of computer (...)

Mrs Danielle ZENATI, Director of Development and Quality of the European School of Computer (...)

8maiOpening of applications for the 2nd ENAP promotion

A delegation from ENAP led by Mr Mathieu Carrier, in charge of ENAP’s international projects, (...)

8maiDegree defense of the MBA Audit and Management Control of the ESG Paris (...)

The traditional defense of memories of the prestigious MBA Audit and Management Control of ESG (...)

8maiVisiting Professor : Damien LESTIENNE

The Supdeco Group’s Executive Academy has had the pleasure of welcoming Mr Damien Lestienne from (...)

8mai1st seminar of the Supdeco Group Doctoral School

The Supdeco Group, through its Doctoral School Department, held the first doctoral seminar on (...)

8maiSupdeco Alumni : Mr. Ahmet Camara - Master 2 in finance - Promotion (...)

My name is Camara Hamet, graduate of Sup de Co DAKAR, I have been Financial Director since 2010 (...)

19avrSeminar on results-based project management in Saly Portudal

The Groupe Ecole Supérieure de Commerce of Dakar - Sup de Co Dakar - through its Department of (...)

19avrForum School Entreprise 2017

Faithful to its values of competence, integrity and leadership, Group Sup de Co organized its (...)

19avrSupdeco Alumni : Mamadou SOW, 2013 Graduate – Institute of Mercure Group (...)

"At the end of my third year at the Mercure Institute when I obtained my diploma, I found a job (...)

19avrVisiting Professor : Mr. Eric CHAREST

As part of the Master’s program in Public Administration, the Supdeco Group is pleased to (...)

19avrConference with Mr Marcel PASQUET

Mr Marc PASQUET, Professor of Universities / Full Professor in Monetics and Secure Transactions (...)

19avrOur students in Bachelor Business Administration and International (...)

As part of the ICN Business School International Week, BBA & Bachelor International (...)

19avrSupdeco Friday Conference with Mister Thierno Alassane SALL, Minister of (...)

As part of its cycle of conferences "Supdeco Fridays", the Supdeco Group has had the honor of (...)

19avrHiking from Supdeco- Campus of THIES

Supdeco Campus of Thies, pole of the Supdeco Group relocated in Thies, organized the 1st (...)

19marVisiting Professor : Marcel SAUCET, associate professor-researcher at the (...)

Supdeco Group in Dakar was once again pleased to welcome at its premises from February 23 to (...)

19marSupdeco Alumni : Samba Niass DIOUF - NETWORK COMMERCIAL ATTACHE TO ELTON (...)

At present, I am supervising about 100 people, with enormous pressure on the quantitative and (...)

19marSupdeco added member and Partner of the African Forum on Youth in Bamako (...)

Supdeco Group was present at the XXVII France/Africa Summit in Bamako. The aim of this major (...)

19marSenegal ’s Trade Opportunities is the topic of the conference by Dr Malick (...)

Dr Malick DIOP, Managing Director of the Senegalese Export Promotion Agency, who is also an (...)

19marInvitation to the 7th edition of the Forum Ecole Entreprise 2017 of (...)

True platform for direct dialogue with companies for a dynamic of Exchanges and consultation on (...)

19marConference with Mr. Abdoulaye Baniré DIALLO from University of Québec (...)

Mr. Abdoulaye Baniré Diallo, Ph.D., Director of the Master’s Degree and Doctorate in Computer (...)

19marVisit of the Malian delegation of the IUG to the Higher Institute of (...)

The Higher Institute of Transport of the Supdeco Group was honored to welcome at its premises (...)

14févAuditors in Quality Safety Environment Master’s degree visit to (...)

Within the framework of the continuous will of the Group Supdeco to return the training that it (...)

13févVisiting Professor : Serge Theophile NOMO of the University of 03 rivers (...)

The Programme Grande Ecole had the pleasure to welcome in its premises from 06 till 15 January (...)

13févSupdeco Alumni : Cherif FALL : promotion 2009- Administrator Director of (...)

Fascinated by Marketing and sale, my training " Ecole-Entreprise " to the Institute MERCURE of (...)

13févUndergraduate Student in Bachelor Management of the Tourism at the (...)

The Group Supdeco Dakar receives from January 30th till March 02nd, 2017 mister Andreas HOIBL, (...)

10févConference on the urban mobility to the Higher institute of Transport with (...)

Mr Salim S. ROUHAN, Senior Urban Governance and Resilience Specialist pleased us to intervene (...)

11janSeminary with Mister Ousmane DIOP, one among biggest financial agent of (...)

The Group Supdeco had the pleasure to welcome again in its premises from 19 till 23 December (...)

11janClass of corporate strategy with M. Benoit Chalifoux within the framework (...)

The Group Supdeco Dakar received from 16 till 22 December 2016 mister Benoit CHALIFOUX, vice (...)

11janSemester of exchanges of our students in China and in Canada with our (...)

The Group Supdeco loyal to its reputation of international opening informs about the sending of (...)

11janOfficial ceremony of starting up of the 1st promotion Master’s degree (...)

Within the framework of the starting up of the courses of the 1st promotion of the auditors in (...)

10janEmployee of the month : Mr Amadou Babo BA, Director of Supdeco Campus St (...)

For Supnews January 2017, Newsletter of Group Supdeco, a quite new article on its new year on (...)

10janFussen Hamady DRAMERA – Operations Manager of ENOTRANS Brazzaville Company (...)

I joined the Group Supdeco after a BTS (TWO-YEAR TECHNICAL DEGREE) into international trade (...)

6décEmployee of the Month : Dr Marianne SOUMARE, Director of Programme Grande (...)

For Supnews December 2016, Newsletter of Group Supdeco, a quite new article on our Employee of (...)

6décSupdeco Alumni

More than an institute of training pioneer in Senegal, The Group Supdeco Dakar establishes an (...)

5décParticipation of Supdeco Dakar to the seminary on Social Media to Burkina (...)

The Association of African Universities in collaboration with 2IE have organized the 1st (...)

5décGroup Supdeco Graduation ceremony 2016 of 19th and 20th promotions

Recipients, parents of students, friends, members of the administration and the partners were (...)

5décIntegration seminary of the students of the first year to Sobo Bade from (...)

The new students of the academic year 2016/2017 of the Group Supdeco Dakar were together from (...)

8novStudents of the Group Supdeco in semester of exchanges in China

Within the framework of the strategic partnership linking the Group Supdeco and the prestigious (...)

7novEmployee of the Month : Dr BEDA, Director of ESITEC, member of the Group (...)

For Supnews November 2016, Newsletter of Group Supdeco, a quite new article on our Employee of (...)

7novVisiting Professor : Dr Amir Louizi, Director of MBA in Audit and (...)

Dr Amir Louizi is a Professor and Consultant in Finance and actually Director of the Finances (...)

7novInternational opening days of the Group Supdeco

Thanks to a rich and various international partnership, Group Supdeco allows to its students (...)

7novDefenses of reports of the MBA Audit and Management Control of ESG (...)

The traditional defenses of reports of our prestigious MBA in Audit and Management Control of (...)

4octThe Employee of the month

For Supnews October 2016, Newsletter of Group Supdeco, a quite new article on our Employee of (...)

4octGraduation ceremony of the 19th and 20th promotions in November, 2016 (...)

The Group Supdeco has the pleasure to announce to its students, student’s relatives, companies, (...)

4octSupdeco Dakar Group, a School of reference in Africa !

Supdeco offers a wide and rich choice of Bachelors, Master’s degrees and Doctorates in (...)

4octGroup Supdeco, in partnership with prestigious international schools and (...)

Thanks to a rich and various international partnership, Group Supdeco allows to its students (...)

4octVisiting Professor : Fabrice Poulain

Fabrice POULAIN is an independent consultant in « Marketing » (combining Sport and Communication (...)

4octPresence of the Group Supdeco in the ceremonies of valuable delivery of (...)

It’s successively to Yavuz Selim, Lycée Jonh F Kennedy and Lycée Galandou Diouf that Group Supdeco (...)

4octVisits of sports institutions of the 1rst promotion of Master MBA (...)

Within the framework of the visits of sports institutions, the auditors of the 1st promotion of (...)

6sepStay of impregnation of two Responsible of Supdeco to Icn Business School (...)

Within the framework of the strategic partnership between Group Supdeco and ICN business (...)

5sepOpening of engineers Grande Ecole in computing EPITA in Dakar in (...)

EPITA, Engineers’ Grande Ecole of the digital technology of Paris and Sup de Co, the business (...)

5sepVisiting Professor : Farouk Jebali in Executive Academy, Pole of (...)

Mr Farouk JEBALI is Consultant-Trainor, a co-founder of the GIE Meerkat concept and a speaker (...)

5sepCelebration of birthdays of the auditors of the Executive Academy native (...)

EXECUTIVE ACADEMY, pole of training of Group Supdeco celebrated on Thursday, August 04th, 2016, (...)

5sepVisit of the auditors in Master’s degree Quality health safety environment (...)

According to the vision clearly declined by the Top management of the Group SUPDECO for a (...)

5sepLunch Conference between M.SY, CEO of the Group Supdeco and the auditors (...)

A conference lunch gathered M.SY, CEO of the Group Supdeco, a part of the administration of (...)

5sepConference with Mr Djawed Sangdel to Supdeco Campus Point e

Mr Djawed Sangdel, Rector of the university of UMEF and Guru of the Management pleased us to (...)

3aoûSeminary on the signing of markets organized by the Seminaries department (...)

Groupe Ecole Supérieure de Commerce - Sup de Co Dakar - by means of his Department of (...)

3aoûParticipation of ESITEC, technological pole of the Group Supdeco in the (...)

ESITEC previously Supdeco Technologies, technological pole of the Group Supdeco Dakar (...)

3aoûParticipation of a student of the Group Supdeco in Student of the U.S. (...)

The Group Supdeco had the honor to be represented to the SUSI (Study of tea U.S. Institutes as (...)

3aoûSupdeco opens to Thies (Senegal)

Known and recognized establishment, Supdeco decided to open a campus to Thies, city crossroads, (...)

3aoûSupdeco Dakar on the meeting of its alumni all around the world (...)

It is successively in Bamako, Brazzaville, Pointe-Noire, Libreville, Lome, Cotonou, Djibouti (...)

3aoûVisiting Professor : Mr Alain CHEVALIER, President of jury The traditional (...)

The traditional defenses of the reports of the 20eme promotion of Masters of the Program Grande (...)

3aoûTrip of Students of the BDE (Association of Students) to Campus St Louis (...)

The students of Supdeco Campus St Louis, Department of the Group Supdeco welcomed their (...)

11juiDefenses of the reports of Bachelor Program Grande Ecole of the Group (...)

As every year, took place from 20 till 22 June 2016 the defenses of memoirs of the prestigious (...)

11juiHolidays in languages to the Institute of Languages of the Group (...)

Take advantage of this summer to perfect your English in the only certified center TOEFL and (...)

11juiOpen day 2016 of the Group Supdeco

The Group Supdeco Dakar was happy to receive in its premises on Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 (...)

11juiStarting up in October, 2016 of the 1st promotion of the Master’s degree in (...)

THE ENAP, one of the most prestigious schools of administration of the world relocates to (...)

11juiGoogle Entrepreneurship day at Supdeco

The Google Student Club made up of students of the Group Supdeco had the honor to celebrate (...)

11juiMr Pierre MONGIN : Visiting Professor at Supdeco Dakar

Within the framework of the educational activities of the Executive Academy, Pole of in-service (...)

11juiDefenses of reports of the prestigious Bachelor relocated of ICN Business (...)

The traditional defenses of reports relocated by ICN business School (Nancy - Metz) (...)

11juiThe Group Supdeco Dakar in the 2nd edition of the International Exhibition (...)

The Group Supdeco Dakar participated in the International Exhibition and Summit on Energy and (...)

13juiVisiting Professors : Dr Philippe Rebière, Doctor in Sciences Management at (...)

The GSCM had the great pleasure of receiving 24 to 30 May 2016, in the framework of the (...)

13jui6th Edition School - Company Forum in 2016 under the theme SMEs (...)

Faithful to its values of Competence, Integrity and Leadership, the Supdeco Dakar Group (...)

13juiStarting the MBA Tigo Chad Group supdeco

The phone company TIGO signed in 2015 a partnership agreement with the Graduate School of (...)

13juiSignificant partnership signed with the University of IOWA

The Supdeco Group has just signed an important partnership agreement with the prestigious (...)

13juiRunning for Peace : Theme of the 9th edition of supdeco Cross (...)

The Supdeco Dakar Group had the honor of celebrating the 9th edition of the Cross this (...)

13jui) Lecture series : Friday supdeco. Guest : Ms. Nafy Ngom Keita, President (...)

The Supdeco Dakar Group welcomed, as a distinguished guest, to the Chamber of Commerce Friday, (...)

13juiCelebration of the 21th edition of the supdeco Group African (...)

The Supdeco Dakar Group proudly celebrated the rich cultural diversity of Africa like every (...)

23maiAround twenty Students of our delocated Bachelor from ICN Business School (...)

As part of the international week of ICN Business School, our BBA and Bachelor students did a (...)

23maiOur students for a semestral exchange at Binzhou University share with us (...)

Our 4th year Students in Msc in International Management (Programm entirely in English) partner (...)

23maiConference Friday supdeco with Dr. Cheikh Tidiane Gadio

The Dakar Supdeco Group received as a guest at the Chamber of Commerce on Friday, January 22, (...)

23maiAs part of the strategic partnership between Supdeco Group and ICN (...)

As part of the strategic partnership between the two institutions, the Dakar Supdeco Group (...)

23maiModou Ndiaye conference with the theme "Development of the stock market (...)

As part of the educational activities of the Master in Finance Market, the Executive Academy of (...)

10maiPartnership signed with the Consignment Fund Deposits (CFD)

A partnership agreement was signed between Dakar Supdeco Group and the Consignment Fund (...)

10maiFriday supdeco Conference with Mr. Sidiki KABA

As part of the lecture series "The supdeco Fridays" was held Friday, January 29, 2016 at 16:00 (...)

10maiSup deco Friday conference with Mr Oumar Gueye, Minister of Fisheries and (...)

As part of its cycle "Sup de co Fridays of" the Dakar Sup de co Group was pleased to receive Mr (...)

6avrPhilia Geneva Scholarships Giving Ceremony

PHILIA SA is a renowned international company operating in the field of hydrocarbons, based in (...)

6avrConference of the WTO General Manager at Sup De Co

As part of its cycle of conferences "Supdeco Fridays " Supdeco Dakar Group was honored to (...)

6avrSignature of a partnership agreement with Enap Québec

After having signed with ESG UQAM, the University of Québec at Trois Rivières (UQTR), renewed (...)

5avrRenewal ISO 9001 : 2008 for 3 years for supdeco Dakar Group

Supdeco Dakar Group has obtained the renewal of AFAQ ISO 9001 : 2008 certification for all its (...)

22OctAlready practice your future profession by alternating between school and (...)

L’Institut Mercure, pôle spécialisé de la formation professionnelle du Groupe Supdeco, forme des (...)

22OctGo to the prestigious Grande Ecole Programme Group SupdeCo Dakar! A (...)

Bachelor Sup de Co (reconnu par le CAMES) Bachelor ICN Business School (délocalisé) BBA ICN (...)

22OctBecome a "Pro" in Sport Management Become a "Pro" in Sport Management

Le Groupe Supdeco Dakar vous offre l’opportunité exceptionnelle d’intégrer l’une des toutes (...)

22OctGetting a French Bachelor in Dakar

ICN Business School Nancy, l’une des plus prestigieuses écoles de commerce de France, propose (...)

22OctThe Group receives SupdeCo Dakar Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr, Minister of Tourism (...)

Le Groupe Supdeco Dakar a l’honneur de vous convier à la quatrième conférence du cycle des (...)

22OctSigning of a partnership agreement Supdeco-SGBS

Une importante convention de partenariat a été signée entre le Groupe Supdeco Dakar et la Société (...)

Inscription école de commerce