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Etudiant / Candidat

02.Sporting Activities

Training managers at Sup de Co Dakar incorporates, in addition to knowledge and (...)

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05.The Documentation and Information Centre (CDI)

In addition to a high-level faculty Teachers, Sup De Co provides students with (...)

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The Computer Center

Aware of the importance of Information and Communication Technologies, SupdeCo Group, (...)

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Community life

Community life in a business school is the essential complement to a quality (...)

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The Sup de Co events

Sup de Co Fridays: Cycle of lectures at the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce Dakar run by (...)

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03.International students

The Sup de Co Group annually hosts more than a hundred international students. More (...)

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La vie associative

La vie associative au sein d’une école de commerce est le complément indispensable à une (...)

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Mercure Institute partners

Companies partners welcoming our students in internship: BOLLORÉ AFRICA LOGISTICS (...)

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Mercure Institute: What is it?

Thanks to an updated awareness of the needs of the professional world and a good (...)

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Mercure Institute Programs

Mercure Institute, specializing pole in the professional training in Sup De Co Group, (...)

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